Cecil's Effort


From weird disgns to creepy, cute or cool creatures, I like to mix together weird characteristics and throw them together to make a creature I usually wish exsted, being a fan of art I love all different disigns and styles, ranging from cartoon like to realiztic. This is a page to just store things, I'll most likely look at an old post eventually and want to burn it, but I'll also get to see how I improved if I did at all Big fan of games and Animation

This is a portfolio of all our past and current work, you can see all my stored stuff here

Our current work is pong, we are making a pong game with out own art and concepts, In class we work on HTML coding and Animation,

Coconut is my staple creature, I made him in class as a creature for pong art and decided to stick with him, he is based off of a varity of creatures ranging from a ringtail, sugarglider and a mix of nocturnal creatures.

All our work over the months we have attended this class have been Fun, Hard, Worthwile and Interesting, from our Retro game programming with groups or just induvidual.

The next images are involved with the Game Jam! project, ours was Soul Invaders

Soul Invaders

Out of all the projects Soul Invaders was my favorite, working in groups was a fun experience, especially to see everyones different ideas and styles collide together to make something worthwhile.

Over the corse of this class, despite my lower skills compared to the others I feel like I have learned a lot, Animation and Codeing are two things I felt like I needed to learn, and I should continue to learn, this was a great start and I'm glad I was able to attend and learn from a place like this. I hope I will continue to grow and develop my skills further with Animation, Art and Codeing, and I will always remember this class as a fun and helpful experience and the Skills Center will always have my thanks and graditude.

I relalize this page looks terrible and unstyled, and I'm very sorry, I just suck at styling things